Guitar strings numbers above staff

I noticed that in “Behind Bars” guitar’s string numbers may be placed below or above the stave, even for chords with stack numerals. I wonder if there is an option to place the strings numbers above or below as well and not only left or right.
I know I can add string numbers outside the staff using the playing techniques options, but those numbers are huge and I think they are better indicated for a series of notes and moreover the open string “0” is not available in the playing techniques.
Maybe having the string numbers above the staff is ugly but as a reader and not as a guitarist I find it clearer.

You could create your own custom playing techniques, with scaled-down versions of the default string indicators outside the staff for this purpose.

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I like the scale of the string numbers that come up when one uses the properties panel to select a string and ‘Show’ under String Indicators.
I have tried to set the ‘Outside String Indicator’ to the same scale so that it is easier to see that they refer to the same item. If I change the String Indicator scale in Playing Techniques I find that the ‘Inside String indicator’ became smaller too! so I suppose they are based on the same glyph.
I understand that I can make the 'Outside String Indicator 'smaller in the Custom Scale (67%) Properties panel - but is there a way to make this a default apart form setting up it in a page template?

You could perhaps create separate playing techniques with different default sizes?

Yes that works a treat - I just duplicated each ‘String n’ and changed the scale to 75%and the Popover to just ‘strn’. I think I like the 75% - it’s a little bigger than the number within the stave but is clear without taking up so much space. Thanks (again!) Daniel.