Guitar strumming using the logical editor?

In Cakewalk / SONAR we have a CAL Script that automatically strums all selected notes like this:

(I’ve exaggerated some parameters to fully visualize its functions.)

With arranging acoustic guitar strums, this has been an amazing time-saver. Can the Logical Editor execute these kinds of automation?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Write out each thing it does, please. Otherwise you’re asking someone (like me) to both inventory the functions and write the the preset…

But basically, you would use the Context Variables to move each note.

Thanks for your reply.

The script goes:

Dialog box #1. It does similar to the trim function but on a fixed tick duration based on user input (e.g. if user inputs “2”, the 2nd note gets trimmed +2 ticks from the first note, 3rd note gets +4 ticks trim, +6, +8, +10)

Dialog box#2 has the option to do it strum upwards (trimming from low note upwards,) strum downwards (trim high note to low), then alternate does up and down every other chord.

Dialog box#3 uses velocity multipliers. Though I personally don’t use this often (almost always 0), it separates velocity values from the first note.

The script also prevents you from executing if you have more than 6 notes (strings) at the same time.


Cubase doesn’t have interactive scripting, but this method might actually be less clunky.

You will probably need to create separate presets for upward and downward strums

Here’s an example preset:

Then you will create a Key Command Macro consisting of the presets, so they fire one after the other:

Here’re LE presets as an example for a 4 note upward strum. Save them in your Logical Editor preset folder. (you didn’t say which version you’re on, but the info is on the SB website.)

strum-4th note.xml (3.2 KB)
strum-3rd note.xml (3.2 KB)
strum-2nd note.xml (3.2 KB)

Here, below I am hitting the key command for the macro several times in a row, which spreads the notes.

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If the end of the note should remain at its former place use a line in the Logical Editors’ Transform Actions to subtract length
For velocity use Value 2 and subtract.