Guitar Tab and Ties

I have always hidden ties on the guitar stave as it becomes very messy. It seems that I can do this in ENGRAVE mode by selecting: Engrave > Engraving Options > Tablature and selecting the 'hide are numbers and ties" option. I have done this to no avail. See diagrams 3 & 4. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

It looks to me as though those notes are slurred, not tied. With the defaults and a tie, I get exactly what I expect:

Is it possible you’re inadvertently using slurs instead of ties?

You’re right. I’m an idiot. Still getting to grips with Dorico! I do have an issue though. When applying a short doit bend as a workaround for 1/4 note bends, a tie is introduced despite it being switched off in the engrave > tablature options. Attachment 1. shows a normal doit bend and 2. shows the tie being shown. The tie wasn’t present before I added the bend. Any ideas?

And again here - when applying a slur to a tied note the tie and bracketed note automatically appears on the tab stave despite being turned off by in the engrave options globally! See 5 & 6.

By default, the following Engraving Options are set for Slurs:

For these to be correctly respected, the last note in a tie chain must actually appear, otherwise the slur can’t. If you don’t want the slur to end at the end of the tie chain, either disable it globally here or locally in the properties panel.

Thank you. Which properties do I need to adjust on the properties panel?

That’s great. How do I then get rid of the tied note and bracketed number in the next bar in the tab stave though?

By setting the following Engraving Option:

Seeing as it was you that first mentioned this option, in your original post, I mistakenly assumed you’d already applied it.

That’s great. Thank you. I have only had the program 5 days so I’m still grappling with the concepts. Appreciate your help.

I am also having difficulty ensuring bracketing is applied in the tab part when ties are employed in the notation. They appear OK when the tied note immediately follows the note to which it is tied but anything more complicated and I can’t get brackets to appear. For example in the left measure the tied e is separated from its parent by the b. In the right example all notes are written in different voices. I’ve attempted to re-write with tied notes in the same voice but this is not always possible and in complex guitar music not always desirable. I have “Hide fret numbers except at start of bar, no ties” in engraving options. I am also not confusing ties with slurs, my examples are ties.
Interesting to note they play correctly.
Am I missing something or is this a feature not yet fully functional?

Ties between non-adjacent notes are not the same as ties between adjacent notes, so they’re currently not subject to that engraving option. However, I agree they should be: I’ll talk to the team about what it will take to extend this functionality to those kinds of ties.

Thank you Daniel. Would that include ties between different voices?

Yes, that’s really the situation in which things don’t work as you would expect now. We’ll take care of it.

I see this issue has now been resolved in 3.10 - excellent. Many thanks Daniel

You’re very welcome, Rick. We aim to please!