Guitar tablature question

I have a query with the horizontal spacing of tablature fret numbers on the tablature stave. The numbers are currently left aligned which creates uneven spacing when I am using double and single digits on the same string. I would like them to be centred by default. I have included examples created in Finale which is what I wish to achieve and Dorico which is what I am getting currently. I am hoping that there is some global setting because quite frankly it looks a mess at the moment. Thanks.

Dorico Example.pdf (71.2 KB)
Finale Example.pdf (145.6 KB)

I’m afraid there’s no setting for this in Dorico at the moment, and it’s not something I can honestly say I’ve ever noticed when poring over published tablature. I will ask my more guitar-literate colleagues to pull a few scores down from their shelves and let me know what they find.

We probably can’t add an option for this imminently, but in principle it’s certainly something we could add in future.

Thanks Daniel. I can obviously use the voice column X offset to move individual notes, but it is fiddly and time consuming. It seems an oversight to me not to have the fret numbers centre aligned. Where this becomes most obvious is when single and double digit fret numbers are present next to each other (on the same string in particular) as shown in my example. It would make much more sense that they should be centre aligned by default.