Guitar Tablature updates

Dear Daniel and everyone else working on Dorico,

I have been paying close attention to the developments with Dorico, and have fiddled around with the Demo version. I was just wondering when you would start implementing guitar tablature and notation. There is a gap in the market between the simplicity and very guitar oriented Guitar Pro which lacks engraving tools, and Sibelius/Finale which are quite complicated to use for guitarists, especially with note input in tab notation, and lack of guitar-specific notation.

Anywho, any updates are hints are very much appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing from you all,


Hi Thomas.
I’m not from the Dorico team, but as a user and a reader of this forum for quite some time now, I think I can answer your question (and free some seconds to the team — I’d rather have them spend their free time in spending quality time with their families and friends, so that they can keep up their good work when they have to ^^).

Tabulation is part of the scheme (and main part IIRC) of Dorico 3. You should not expect those to come “soon”, and anyway the team never gives precise dates about new features because they notice how complicated it is to implement them when they are doing the job. We are now expecting Dorico 2.2 (probaby in the next four weeks), and this is supposed to be the last free update. Nevertheless I would not expect tab notation to come into Dorico in the next six months, but this is only guessing from my part. I might be wrong, but my understanding was that the team wants to achieve a very complicated (and highly useful) reduction function, before they tackle tab notation.
The only thing we are quite confident about, is that when tab notation is implemented in Dorico, it will be top-class notation. This is the standard they’ve accustomed us to.

Again, sorry to reply here while I’m not in the secret of the Gods — if I were, I could not answer your question at all !!!


To echo Marc, who as usual, is spot on, TAB is definitely on the roadmap but you are looking at a minimum 5–6 month wait and that is even assuming it would be implemented in the very next paid upgrade (ie- Dorico 3.0). As it stands now, we have no assurance that it will even be a part of the next version.

Thanks guys!