Guitar - Tabs only parts cannot transpose chord symbols

Hello to all,

I’ve been working on a few band charts for my students and have gotten a hang of the guitar’s instrument transposition function for capos and different tunings and it works like a charm!

One issue has just come up for me: When switching a part to “tablature only”, the “use fretted instrument transposition” tick box is automatically greyed out. This student cannot read standard notation and is using a guitar tuned a half-step down. However, his part loses the ability to have the transposed chords which are appropriate for his tuning when I switch his part to “transposition only” which seems odd, since his tonic chord for example should still indicate “Am” as opposed to G#m". I now seem forced to keep the standard notation (which takes up a lot of space) in order for the chord symbols to be transposed for him.

Is there something I’m missing here?

Thanks as always for your support,

There’s a lot of features there so I might be missing something too. But in this example with a capo:

I’ve got “Show capo chord symbol below main” selected and I don’t have “Show Transposed Chord Symbol for capo” selected. The parenthesis comes from engrave mode settings

For chord symbols with a capo, you want to set the chord symbol transposition in the Player:

(This may seem a bit confusing, but there are a lot of cases where guitar chord symbols appear above a staff that is not a guitar - e.g. a piano staff - and so Dorico has to allow you to set the capo chord symbol options somewhere other than on the guitar instrument itself.)