Guitar to midi

Can you in real time in Cubasele8 (free version) have the guitar play or interact with midi or h alicon sonic…I’ve read where you can record something first and then with variwav I think, you can change the tone to synth through the magic of the daw…other daws do this live, in real time without recording something first…

Not Cubase - especially not the LE version

This is possible for monophonic lines with VariAudio which is a feature only available in Cubase Pro.

Can you name one please? There’s this, but that’s not a DAW.

I downloaded Guitar to Midi but cannot get it or Cubasele8 to recognize one another so I can maybe get it attached to halion sonic can stand alone but all I get is a piano test…what about drum presets tracks with cubasele8?. If not does halion sonic se have drum presets tracks?

If you mean “MIDI Guitar 2” then it is also a VST instrument that can be used within Cubase LE in the same way as HALion Sonic SE. You may need to consult the documentation for MIDI Guitar 2.

Do you mean drums presets, track presets or rhythm loops? LE does not provide track presets, but for drum presets and loops have a look at Groove Agent SE (can’t remember if that’s available in LE8).

It has preset drum kit presets, but I don’t have LE installed so I can’t say which ones exactly … look for soemthing like “Stereo GM kit”

I have the trial"free" Guitar Midi…but only tested it with my laptop to examine setup and compatibility with cubasele8 Ai…I didn’t expect too much for free out of Cubasele8 when it came with my zoom g5n free…and so is this Guitar Midi. . $99 full version…but I want to test it first…

As far as the gm kit goes I thought I would hear the drum beats play automatically through my laptop speakers…Maybe i can get lucky like I do most of the time and figure the drum machine…it doesn’t have groove agent I checked the vst manager and it shows all vst instruments, effects plus i scanned all my folders and Steinberg to see if it updated to a drum machine…I kinda thought that the halion sonic se would have accompanying drum loops or something that play styles of drumbeatsnn.

No, but if what you want is a basic rhythm track to play along to, there are lots of sites with free drum MIDI files … if you import them into Cubase, HALion Sonic SE will play them and you can edit the MIDI tracks to your liking.

If you want to build your own drum tracks, you can still do so “old school” using the Cubase drum editor which is very good, but yes, it’s not a quick start and you will have to invest time to learn it. I’d go with a few free MIDI files for starters, and just build from there.

I was hoping that cubase itself would have like drum loops or rhythm loops…my zoom g5n has a drum rhythm section built into it. But it’s not too convenient or not as convenient as having it right from the Cubasele8 daw…

Well, in fairness what you have is just a free version that comes with hardware devices, and it does give you an opportunity to upgrade to a version that does come with drum loops at a discount price.

With a small bit of prep work there’s still a lot you can do with LE though, so apart from using MIDI loops as described above, or using complete MIDI songs and e.g. stripping out just the drums and bass, you could also record the audio drum loops from the G5n and then have the convenience of using the project editor in LE to make your arrangements.

Set Cubase to the exact same tempo as the G5n (not sure of the sync capabilities of either though) and, as long as the starts line up you should be able to record audio for a bar or two, then edit the audio parts so that they can be copied and pasted into your arrangement. It’s a workaround, but hey, it’s free …

I got it…but 68 years old (newbie) ,it’s gonna take some time…lol…I understand what you’re saying though…just got to piece it together…

Go for it, I say! In that case you’re old enough to remember tape, and believe me, nobody wants to go back to tape for editing. Take your time, ask lots of questions here, and people will be happy to help out. Good luck and enjoy!