Guitar tuning ?

Is there a guitar tuning in cubasis like in garageband ?
can’t find it…

Hi ebsyol,

As of yet, Cubasis does not offer specific guitar tunings.


I think the OP is asking if there is a “guitar tuner” in Cubasis, otherwise the question doesn’t make much sense.
Cubase desktop has a guitar tuner available as an Insert FX under Tools, I assume this will appear in Cubasis, hopefully soon…

If a tuner plug-in was in question:
It is not included as of now, but planned for a fututure update.


thanks for the reponse. Looking forward to see the update as it is very helpful tool…

Another one ing for a tuner in Cubasis. I use Cubasis with guitars and basses inputs, and everytime we need to, before recording, to tuner the instruments.

Hi Metallion,

Thanks for your message.
As stated before, a tuner is on our list…


+1for this feature

Hi deekod,

Still on the list…
In the meantime you might have a look for a guitar tune app in the App Store.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Lars, would anyone recommend a good audio unit plug in for this?
Best regards,

just to add.
i tune my guitar to the keybord/piano in cubasis

open a new project, call it Guitar tune up, record a piano all the keys you need to tune your guitar,

so record at 90bpm play E then G & so on till you’ve recorded the 6 notes.

then when you need to tune guitar you have the project ready…

Hope that helps

p. s…

by tuning your guitar to cubasis ensures that its in tune with what ever you play

Many thanks Yamahasy85

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