Guitar without amp plugged

Just wondered if I can get a TRS to XLR cord and plug my electric guitar straight through my audio interface on Cubase 8 and use the built in amps on the program? The amp I have for my electric guitars have no output for audio interface.

What audio interface??..most nowadays already have a Hi-Z jack input…are you certain the xlr isn’t a combo connector that also accepts jack? Then ther may also be a software switch to select Hi-Z or Instrument level rather than line level.

If your interface doesn’t have a Hi-Z option then plugging direct to a mic input isn’t going to work…you would need to use a D.I box to convert instrument level to mic level.

Please list your system specs…

If you have an audio interface connected to and used with Cubase then yes it would work. Most audio interfaces have a combination TRS/XLR connection just for this purpose. If you are talking about something else then we would need your system and hardware specs to discuss it further.

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There’s also a danger if you inadvertantly enable phantom power - the TRS jacks are usually wired to circumvent this but the XLR certainly won’t.

I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface. It has 2 XLR inputs and a headphone input. L/R audio out.

No…it has 2 combo connectors that take xlr and jack.

Use a standard TS guitar lead and put the switch on the front to “INST” …short for instrument obvs :wink:

Here’s the link you want:

Page 10 of the manual…

Does your mum still do your washing?

Okay that was embarrassing. I didn’t know they were combos. So do I add instrument track and select which preamp? I’m new to all this digital recording. I have made some really nice music on it so far though. I just need to add some real guitar.

You will record the guitar on an audio track.

Set the gain using your guitar volume controls and the level control on your audio interface that corresponds to the input you connected your guitar to. You can record the guitar with or without effects but if you record the track with the effects you will be stuck with them. So I suggest to record the guitar with no effects then add what you want after you record it.

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Don’t worry we have all been there at some point - even PeppaPig.
When you set up the audio track insert the Steinberg Amp Sim which will help you get the sound that you want from the guitar. Have fun.

Come on - if someone cannot be bothered to read a 15 page manual - most of which is specifications and big pictures! There’s probably less than one A4 sheet of text to read in the whole manual which explains the Neutrik Combo jack. At least make an effort before asking questions - Cubase is a highly complex piece of software, I completely understand people missing stuff from the 1300+ page manual and feeling overwhelmed - but if you can’t even digest a 15 page consumer audio interface manual then you’re setting yourself up for a world of pain by thinking you can tackle Cubase. I don’t wanna be hard on the guy but FCOL - try!

Tip for the OP. Try not to record the guitar “too hot” hit the strings hard before recording to make sure the level meter goes nowhere near the red - if you get in the habit of doing this from the word go you’ll save yourself a lot of time in the long run.

I got sound from my guitar through my monitoring headphones but no matter what effect I choose I can’t get it to work with my guitar. I’ve tried everything! Even the quadrafuzz. What next?

I can also see the volume level on the control bar on the bottom when I play it but nothing lights up on the audio track. I’m sure it’s something simple.

Perhaps turn off direct monitoring, or put the plugin on the input channel.

Okay I got sound with direct monitoring but the right doesn’t pick up sound that well, it’s like the left scale is more responsive and the right barely moves. Also, it won’t record anything. ???

Guitars are mono instruments - you should be recording to a mono track. Try loading a guitar type track preset - see if you can hear the effects then.

Look it might be an idea to search on you tube for the relevant tutorial.

Something like this where you can see what is being done.

PeppaPig is right, unless you are using something like Guitar Rig and are running a stereo chain of efx. Start simple and learn the basics first.

Okay thanks for the link. I understand all of that but I don’t get why the program doesn’t pickup my guitars. I got my electric to record something on both L/R but when I plug my 12 string in, it only records on the Right. Also, when I open up a project I’ve already been working on with VST instruments, it doesn’t pick up anything I plug into my audio interface. I have to close out and re open a new project then it registers. I then close out and open my project I’m working on to add a guitar track and it doesn’t pick up anything. I’ve played with it for about an hour and decided to give it a break for a while. It’s very frustrating. Don’t know why it’s so hard to just record what I have plugged into my audio interface. I am dreading vocals now.


I’m moving this thread to the Lounge because it really isn’t a Cubase 8 topic, but more of a very basic “how to record audio” kind of question.


How about a lot more info on your system? Its hard to help when we don’t know what you are working with.
Sounds to me like you are recording on a stereo input channel.
Press F4
Create a mono input channel. - name it GTR - Create a mono audio track - assign to GTR