Guitars to Love

Guitars to Love
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Guitar design is art for eternity.
The players takes it to great heights.
Dream away for 240 seconds.
Take your guitar and play the stars from heaven.


Eye candy! Can’t take my eyes off of it. Just love all these guitars. Long ago I had a Gretsch that I traded in for a Gibson Melody Maker. I wish I still had them both.

Never sell your guitars. Buy from others.
If you don’t have the money, compose a world hit (or rob a bad bank).
Good luck.

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Eye candy indeed! I’ve had some of those guitars, ‘bought a brand spankin’ new cherry red Guild Starfire III in 1965, sunburst Telecaster in 1966, LP Custom ‘Black Beauty’ in 1968 (I was in love at the first sight), then got a flawless L Series 1962 Strat in 1975 for my birthday.
Lot of value there if I had kept those… but I ended up with my present Formentin Signature Series strat like guitar, two Kinman Noiseless PUs and a Seymore Duncan JB in the bridge position plus a Wilkinson Locking Bridge which I really like, none of that sponginess when bending and letting the whammy bar go.
I, and a friend of mine, made a few guitars a s well, and I still have the one of those, Huon Pine body, one piece ebony neck, Seymore Duncan JB in the bridge position, the other two I can’t recall right now.

Huon Pine and Ebony unstrung and a bit worse off for wear :wink: 2|375x500