Guys, did 'Back Up Project' protocol change!?

Either I’m losing my mind because I use this all the time, or I’m correct of which I’m not totally stoked about. This is a kind of thing that should not change without us knowing - maybe it was a mistake.

As far as I can remember, when doing a ‘Back Up Project’ and you press okay - it would NOT save the current Current Project, it would leave it unsaved, and bring you into the new project back up.

This was important, because I would often delete things before doing the Project Backup and would use ‘Remove Unused Files’ to clean up and create a size reduced copy of the project. It would still be important that the original active project would NOT be saved.

It seems now it DOES save the original active project.

This - cannot - change.

And if it is a new feature or protocol, it needs to be an option in the ‘Back up Project Options’ as so:

hopping someone can corroborate before I file an issues thread, thanks

Not seeing this on a Mac - it works exactly as it always has.

Which is how I described it as originally working - Backcup did - not - save the current active project?

I’m on PC btw.

I think what is different, is, it would prompt for a save if you closed the program after with ‘Keep Current Project Active’ activated, which it is now saving when doing the backup, thus not giving the Save prompt as it once did

gif 1 works as expected:

gif 2 doesn’t prompt for save and instead saved along with backup

it’s also possible I’m experiencing a sleep deprived coffee overdose induced psychosis

can someone with 9 or 9.5 test this?

edt links fixed

anyone with 8, 9, or 9.5?

It does not work well. Sampler track source files loose their correct file location. Hugely frustrating.