Guys! need your help and your opinion

Guys! I don’t understand, why so many users hate cubase 9.5? i read many comments in youtube, read on forums, almost each hate this daw. I use Cubase Elements 9.5, and I think buy Pro version. Tell me please, why so many negative comment? i just want to understand, what problems can arise.
Thank you! :wink:

There are many things that can arise, all much depending on hardware specs, prefered workflow etc. If Elements works for you, you shouldn’t get into much troubles.

Apart from that, Cubase has quirks, just as any other DAW, it‘s not perfect. Don’t see an abnormous amount of bashing around. As usual, issues are louder than praise. For me Cubase works great but it’s pretty deep, some of its functions I don’t even need/use (and therefore won’t even realize if they maybe cause troubles).

Cubase is a great DAW. As MarQs suggested people tend to hum along until there’s a problem and then bark in frustration, often rightly or how would it get fixed? It can seem to take forever to fix an issue that’s ruining your workflow or project. Every once in a while someone will post how much they love Cubase and lots of people will chime in agreement. I’ve read complaints about every DAW and some were happy to switch to Cubase.

If you like Elements you only stand to gain a lot more useful features by upgrading. Of course, what you want to use it for should be considered. By all accounts Cubase has the most extensive midi features of any DAW - not so important in post production for instance.

I read many comments on forums and Youtube about how everyone hates Porsche. My best advice, assuming you have no issues, is just drive it since it gets you to your destination. If you had problems, get them fixed or sell it. You could read all day about Ford vs. Chevy. Or PC vs. Mac. But most users get enough of that…fast.

If you like your Volkswagen, I think you will love a Porsche. Like Chocolate vs. Strawberry, there really is no best. What matters is whats best for you.

Thank you so much guys!