H-Bar with no number

I need a multirest as an h-Bar, but with no number. So far I am struggeling to achieve this. Any suggestions?

Honestly, I’d just edit the PDF in another program and delete the number.

I’m not at my computer to check, but I seem to recall just adjusting the vertical value in Engrave to just send the number off the page.

@dspreadbury , please consider this as a feature request than. The composer I copy the music from, uses this quite often for open meter settings, where the h-bar defines a span of time, but no countable bars.

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If you’re using it in an open-meter context (without barlines and therefore without actual multi-bar rests?) you could use a horizontal line with vertical line ends and a thick line in the middle? There’s one with a H-bar-like design that ships with Dorico.

Thank you, Lillie. It still is a lot of manual work to do, because I have to match them with “normal” multi bar rests. I think, I will go with the solution of @FredGUnn . Seems to be less tweaking.

I just discovered, that the German translation of the single bar rest options are a bit misleading, because the translation is not exact.

The English “original”:
Screenshot 2021-06-25 201953
The German translation:
Screenshot 2021-06-25 202201
Compared to the English version it should be:
“Pausentyp für einzelne Ganztaktpausen”
“Taktanzahl für einzelne Ganztaktpausen”

It does not seem to bee possible to have h-bars in open meter. I only can show bar rests in open meter. Is that true?


I use it lot with the word OPEN above or below.