H6/Sonic 3 Bug?: Pitch Bend Range in Basic GM Library

Is it just me, or is the macro for setting the pitch bend range for these instruments broken?


Load [GM 061] Lead 1 (Square) in H6 and/or Sonic 3 or Sonic 3 SE. I’ve been testing in stand alone mode.

Pitch bend range is hard set to something like an augmented 3rd up, and a major 3rd down. I need to be able to change this range when working with GM and other ported in sequences.

I try changing the PB parameters in the EDIT Macro and they have no effect.

In H6 I cannot get to the zone to edit pitch modulation there as it is locked.

My only alternative seems to be dropping a “CC Mapper” into the program and design a curve there to compress the incoming performance data.

This is kind of a pain in the backside that requires a lot of tuning by ear to get it right! It’s also only good for H6…not an option for Sonic.

Any ideas?

I cannot get pitch bend range adjustments to work outside of the Basic set either. Through macros or otherwise.

In HALion version, Standalone, on Windows 10.

I tried it with a Voltage program (Brite Light) that has unlocked layers.
Changing PB range in the macro does nothing.
Changing PB range in the Zone/PITCH editor does nothing.

same issue +1

have to use a different VST for any GM files with pitch bend info


In HALion version, Standalone, on Windows 10.

You are using an old version. Please update to HALion 6.2.10.
I cannot reproduce this neither on HALion 6.2.10 nor in HALion Sonic 3.2.10 or HALion Sonic (SE) 3.2.15

Gerritt explained to me what I was doing wrong.

I had noticed that changing the pitch bend range via RPN events works as it should.

[quote=Brian Roland}
With further testing I’ve found that a viable workaround is to force new settings via RPN events.

Still, the default is not ±2 semitones as per GM specifications.
Still, I can’t change it through the macro or zone editors.

As for making it so the controls in the Macros would work again…

In the options tab, there is a setting for accepting or ignoring RPN events. Disable those if you want to control pitch bend range directly from the HALion UI, Macro, or via custom MIDI or VST events.