H6 Zoom Recorder - Not connecting to Cubase LE


Have an issue with the H6 Zoom Recorder and to manage the audio interface connection to Cubase LE.

Used this manual:

Once Zoom has been selected on the Input/Output busses (Device Setup + VST Connections) I still cannot get anything recorded. The recorder itself works fine so evidently this has nothing to do with the H6.
What am I missing here? I tried the Devices --> Mix Console to see if it registered anything at all but nothing.

I’m trying now to record throught the L/R inputs (stereo) so have not tried the channels 1-4.

Last but not least, lots of noise comes out of the H6 Zoom after the audio interface is set up. Once plugging in a jack in the Line Out the noise disappears.

I can share screen shots…really would love to get some help on this as right now I feel just a waste of money. Anyone?

Is your H6 using software version 2.0 ?

On the H6 it says:

System Version: 2.00
Boot Version: 1.00
Subsystem Version: 1.00

Okay, just wanted to make sure you are on the latest version.

I have an H6 and Cubase LE7 ( as well as Cubase 4 )

I just got the H6 so I haven’t even had time to try it using the ASIO driver.

If I get time I’ll try it tomorrow and see what happens.

Here are the screenshots from my Cubase to show the connections. Tried as late as yesterday once more through the stereo L/R channels on the H6. Still noise and still no recording.
Cubase_H6 Recorder Issues_Screenshot 3.jpg
Cubase_H6 Recorder Issues_Screenshot 2.jpg
Cubase_H6 Recorder Issues_Screenshot 1.jpg

And here the last two screenshots.

Anyone that can assist?
Cubase_H6 Recorder Issues_Screenshot 5.jpg
Cubase_H6 Recorder Issues_Screenshot 4.jpg

Sorry I wasn’t here yesterday, I was sick :frowning:

Anyway, I got the H6 to work fine in Multitrack mode, in both Cubase 4 & CubaseLE7

First I’m using Win7 Ultimate 64

First I connected the Zoom USB cable to the computer and H6

Turned the H6 on, chose USB Audio in the H6 Menu and got the resulting sound in Window for connection.

Started LE7, made sure I had the Zoom ASIO driver setup properly.

Created a new empty Project, added the Audio tracks I needed ( a menu comes up to activate the tracks with the H6 ) and it all worked fine.

Can I just ask which H6 drivers you have downloaded? Once I connect the H6 to the computer it just connects nicely. Once I start Cubase a screaming sounds comes out of it (the mentioned Line Out noise).
Can it be the driver? Or perhaps the sound card?

I’m using the same driver you show in your pic#2

Are you sure you have don’t have a feedback loop happening ?

Which soundcard are you referring to ?

Might be…it’s 15 years since I played so this feedback loop…can you please brush up my knowledge base as where/how to see if that’s happening?