H7 FM Lab is a Monster

I can fairly say , this is the easiest most intuitive FM synth engine i’ve used , the sound is just beautiful , the choice of OP’s , waveforms and the mixing and matching is just brilliant , so inspirational , i could see the rest of the Yammy FM engines being ported over ,if they do then this Lab will blow the whole Virtual synth community wide apart .

Well done Yammy and Steinberg ,it’s a beast


+1, this is a great implementation, although I’ve only scratched the surface so far.

Interesting fact: I discovered that, not only can you import .syx from the DX7 and TX81Z, it also happily imports sysex dumps from the venerable FB01. That, I did not expect!

[EDIT] Unfortunately I haven’t yet been able to import single voices in .syx from the FB01, but I can confirm that H7 has no problem with banks from DX5, DX9, DX11, DX21, DX27, DX100 as well as the DX7 and TX81Z.


Same here about scratching the surface but i think any of the Dx off spring will import/export
.3 different engines Hal/X/Dx , will do some null tests one day to see the difference but im very impressed so far , and i haven’t even touched the spectral Osc :grin:

Add sample, noise operators , ring modulation and MPE …