Hacking Nuendo's channel panner

I’m intrigued and perplexed by the possibilities and limitations of changing the channel panner in surround and Atmos projects.

For instance, if I right click on the mixer panner panel I get this list:


Some of those items are “factory”, and the rest are plugins from my own VST installs. Most of those are not relevant or functioning properly as a panner in this context. Some plugins that I wish were there, like INA-GRM’s Spaces suite are not there.

All the VST plugins that are in that list, have in the Vst2xPlugin Infos Nuendo.xml file got the subcategory “Spatial|Fx”.

If I change INA-GRM’s Spaces suite plugins to subcategory “Spatial|Fx”, they still don’t appear in the channel panel options.

This feels like a half finished feature with some interesting possibilities.

Anyone else?

I might be wrong but I think that developers of plugins are responsible for implementing it in the correct way here. For example: I have Dear VR Pro as a mixpanner and works as expected/intended. Some developers choose not to do the right thing/are not aware/work within limitations of their own framework or design.
Nuendo provides an API and leave it to the developer, just like Melodyne does with ARA.

Thanks for your input. I might be wrong too, but looking into it, it seems like it just catches plugins that come with category Spatial|Fx from the developer. For instance, these ones that end up in my panner list are not applicable as panners:
Voxengo MSED
Voxengo Spatifier
Leapwing StageOne

and Boz Pan Knob 2 doesn’t work right in this context, but is at least applicable.

The VST 3 “category” has to be assigned by the plug-in developer, not by the user. Changing the list assignment manually has no effect.

… we did this for Vienna MIR Pro 3D, because it’s the only way in Nuendo / Cubase to create a mono- or stereo-to-multichannel routing within a single track (… without manually creating a new track with the desired format before). That said, it’s a somewhat unsupported Nuendo feature that can lead to all kinds of strange situations if not done with care. 8-/

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Thanks for this information Dietz. I sort of expected something along these lines. I’ll push it to INA-GRM in the hope they will roll it into an update of their Spaces suite.

OMG … are they still alive?
I use(d) them for decades en can only remember one (1) single update in 20 years.


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