Had house fire.

Had to buy a new dongle, but I can’t seem to registrar it so that I can use Cubase. I have an account with the old dongle registration, but that registration # doesn’t work for the new one.What do I do"

Thanks in advance,
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I think you’ll need to contact the official support (check “My Steinberg” area).

Or contact your insurance carrier. Your dongle is your license. If you loose the dongle (because of theft, fire, etc) you have, for all intents and purposes, lost your license! Just like anything else that was lost (burnt) in the fire.

If Steinberg don’t replace your license, by the goodness of their heart (they don’t have to), your only option is to make an insurance claim.

Sammy, first of all I truly sorry for that, it is awful what happened.

Then, I think that Steinberg should be able to help you in this case and I think that it is true they do not have to replace your license but let me tell you that they should have interest to take care about these kind of situations because a license is the most important investment for all Composers or Studios both for sequencers (and related upgrades) and sound libraries.

And the users have to use the eLicenser to use Cubase or every other software due to the Piracy problem. The “best” solution for the moment they found is the dongle such as keys for a car but if you lose the keys you can order a copy of them (paying the cost of the keys) because you are an owner of the licences. Or if someone clones your credit card, your bank will block the card but you will not lose your money. It should be an interest of the bank keep safe their accounts.

So I think Steinberg which provides this awesome software and service would be really kind to assist their clients and they should not worry about lose their money invested in the licenses because of a tragedy or a problem. Composers are usually paranoid people and the worries start since they start to work a new project. It seems a joke but it is true. :laughing: I am definitely a paranoid Composer. :confused:

I take with me both the eLicensers and iLok when I am out of my Scoring Studio and I want to be sure that if something happens to them I can reactivate all my licenses on my spare dongles almost immediately and in the meantime the old licenses become invalid (so if someone steals me the elicenser I can generate a brand new license from my personal Cubase account in real time and the old one expires). I would pay an extra fee if it was a trouble for Steinberg, no problem at all but I really need to be sure I will not lose the whole product I paid yet.

When I discovered my iLok 1 was faulty (just after 3 years I used it :mrgreen: ) I had to get in touch both with iLok Staff and Eastwest. I had to apply for the procedure but they provided me new licences of my sound libraries. Otherwise I would have lost 3K USD of licenses on that iLok.

Consider that Scoring Studios may are owner of many sound libraries and sequencers therefore it would be easy have up to 60K USD of licenses into a dongle. I think it would be crazy lose the right to use the software you purchased just for a lost/stolen/broken plastic dongle.

I suggest and it would be great find a super unbreakable elicenser (waterproof and stainless made…or titan mad dongle) :smiley: .

I noticed I am using it since few month and there are cracks yet. So since it is fragile due to the low quality plastic material it is very easy break them.

I cannot close my Scoring Studio and change job just because I lost my eLicenser in a fire or just because of a theft. :wink:

Just contact Steinberg

you really like scaremongering . :unamused:

contact Steinberg , if its a genuine case im sure Steinberg will redeem your licence for you . good luck

Is it scaremongering to recommend good home insurance? You really like livin’ on the edge. don’t you?

It is scaremongering giving someone the worst news possible and it could possibly be taken as an insult towards Steinberg by stating " if they are kind enough" ( you were corrected in the other topic )
Of course the last resort is your home or business contents insurance ( and I pray the OP has these ) and as this was a fire I wouldn’t see any problem with that but in the last two threads ive read of yours you’ve tried to undermine Steinbergs work ethics . The last one you gave the wrong information and was corrected by a mod so you also need to think before typing my friend . :wink:

Hi there,

sorry to hear about this disaster.

  • insurance has to be the first contact in this case in order to get a replacement / loss adjustment
  • we can provide time limited licenses until the loss adjustment is completed

We will not leave a user alone in this disaster…for sure…

If you need further assistance…please contact the support team via phone.

Best regards,


On the contrary my friend. There is a very good saying “Expect the worst, hope for the best”.

Before you insult your fellow members, you might take a minute to read Marcuses posting below.

Great. Bravo Steinberg !

First rate support . :smiley: :smiley:
Marcus must of been in a good mood :unamused:

Sorry to hear about your troubles…After the flood in Nashville and so many here loosing their studios I too expect the worst and prepare ahead of time. Because we make money and pay or take deductions on taxes for music - home insurance in USA won’t cover your business. I had these guys recommended via local Union and although i’ve never had to make claim I was told they are very reputable and they do understand dongle insurance.

It’s not expensive to do, I worked with Laura there and it was a great experience…Good luck I hope this turns well for you. Keep us in loop :slight_smile: