Hairpin discrepancies when applying or pasting

I have noticed a very few discrepancies on the hairpin extension. Hairpins applied at the same time (multiple selection and popover) on isorhythmic parts gave me

slightly different results. It happened also when I pasted a measure before a repeat bar, the hairpin near the repeat bar was longer the one I copied in the source measure.

This is expected behaviour that you can change if you like. (Admittedly the 2nd bullet point on the first link should be more general - anything that increases the spacing at the start of the bar can allow a gradual dynamic to extend across the barline.)

Thank you, I forgot about that! But for my second example the repeat barline seems not to do shorten the hairpin for the pasted measure.

Yes, the repeat barline sufficiently increases the visual width at the start of the bar to allow the hairpin to extend (it doesn’t from the source location because there the single barline would not allow the end of the hairpin to be sufficiently wide).

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