Hairpin/dynamic placement

I have looked through the forum, but can’t find the precise answer to this issue: I have flow which ends with three whole notes in 4/4 tied. I want a decrees. hairpin with a pp dynamic at the end. When I use the Dynamics popover, the attachment points for both the hairpin and the dynamic create an additional bar; I can move the hairpin and the dynamic, but the dynamic still has its attachment in the added bar, which I obviously don’t want. What setting am I missing? If I untie the whole notes, I can put in the dynamics disregarding the last whole note, retie everything, move them into place - everything stays within bounds, so to speak, but as the final dynamic is attached before the end of the bar, there is no decrees.

Just select the hairpin and shift-option-left_arrow to move it back a bit. The dynamic mark will move with it if it is part of the group.

Thank you! I suspect I will use this enough to remember it.

Much appreciated!

Shift-option-arrow is a VERY efficient tool : you lengthen/shorten hairpins, gradual tempi, BUT ALSO note durations. It is sooo easy to input a half note tied to an 8th, a whole note tied to a quarter note tied to a 16th… Just select a 8th or 16th note in the grid (left bottom corner of the screen in Write mode) and play with the tool after entering your notes. Once you taste that, you cannot forget it ! The results with insert mode on can also be very interesting.

Marc - yes, I use the arrows to adjust note length and placement ALL the time! It is one of the brilliant navigating/notating tools that really excites my colleagues when they see how easy it is the adjust things. I was unaware - or just hadn’t thought about it - that it could be used on hairpins/dynamics.

Good to learn new things!

Can I have a hairpin start in the middle of a duration? It is easy to adjust the end of them, but the beginning seems locked to be at the start of a note?

Dear Rune,
You can start the hairpin wherever you want. In note entry mode (caret showing), place the caret where you want the hairpin to start, press < or > and then advance the caret with space bar (it will advance the rhythmical value chosen in the left panel or with numbers).
If you want to move the hairpin “afterwards”, simply select it in write mode and alt-arrow will move it entirely to next note and alt-cmd-arrow will move it accordingly to the grid value (so not necessarily at the beginning of a note).
Make sure, when you need to move a hairpin, that it is not grouped with other hairpins — the behavior would be different and you would not achieve the result you want. Ungroup first, move, and regroup. You can create very convenient shortcuts for grouping and ungrouping dynamics.

Nice, thank you! I’ll add as many dynamics as I can in note entry mode from now on. For an experienced Finale user, it seems unlogical, but I will get used to it.

What should I use instead of alt-cmd on a windows pc? (Ctrl-alt alters the screen orientation.)

Rune, you can disable this Ctrl+Alt+Arrow behaviour in your display driver. (Does anybody really need this??)
It’s not a Windows setting, but one of your display driver.

Yeah, Ctrl+alt is the start of some very common key combinations in Dorico. I use it for about three important functions. I’d second that suggestion: disable that function for changing the display.