Hairpin Resizing

Hi all,
when resizing the length of hairpins, it also moves the axis vertically (I exaggerated it in the picture just to show what happen).

Is there a way to lock it vertical axis when resizing horizontally?

ScreenHunter 435

Before I answer your specific question, can I make sure you’re aware of the semantic options available? Just to check you’re not going to make trouble for yourself by graphically resizing hairpins in the score, which won’t necessarily affect the part and could result in teeny one-crotchet-long hairpins when you get round to editing the parts!

Could you share a screenshot where the hairpin is selected, so it appears orange and we can see its attachment lines?

Ah thank you, this is super helpful!

Here’s a page from the First Steps guide that might also be helpful in demonstrating some of the clever ways you can work with dynamics in Dorico, whilst ensuring their positions and durations are accurate musically: