Hairpin shortcut

In the spirit of yesterday’s Discover Dorico session, which focused on Time-Saving input techniques, I just discovered a rather nifty key shortcut by accident (while ham-fistedly trying to enter a Time Sig).

If you have one or more notes selected, you can just type < or > to get a hairpin above them. No need to invoke the Dynamics popover first!

This might be old news to some, but I’d either overlooked it or forgotten it.

It’s in the documentation, but easy to overlook.

You can input hairpins directly into the score without the popover by pressing Shift-, for a crescendo hairpin and Shift-. for a diminuendo hairpin.

Glad you shared this, although I had to chuckle at the typo. Shift- and shift-

It’s not a typo. “<” is “Shift-,” and “>” is “Shift-.” I agree it’s a bit confusing though.

Oy. I’m tired. I missed the ‘ , . ’

The problems with the shortcuts in the forum is that they do work for people who have the same keyboard layout as you have… But indeed, the hairpins work without invoking the dynamics popover, and I believe they do since day one.

Also messa di voce! I believe it’s something like Alt-Shift-comma…