Hairpins force duration of a tied note

If I have a note thats tied across two bars but I want to indicate a decrescendo at the end of the second bar how is this achieved properly?
At present Dorico forces the hairpin decrescendo to be the length of the whole tied note (2 bars) and not just the desired ending bar. The only way I have gotten around it is to temporarily untie the note, put the hairpin in and then retie the note. There must be a more intentional way?



Use the caret. Hairpins can be started and stop anywhere on the rhythmic grid, regardless of note lengths or tie chains. See

Move the caret to the beat of the measure where you want to begin your hairpin and click SHIFT+D to start your dynamic. Enter > in the popover to indicate decrescendo and press ENTER. Then press the SPACEBAR to reveal and extend the hairpin as far as you wish. The key is to place the caret where you want to begin the dynamic and not to choose the note itself.

(Again Leo gets there first. :laughing: )

Another quick way is to place the hairpin in an untied bar above or below that staff, and then use Alt-M or Alt-N to move it to the desired staff.

You don’t even need the Shift-D popover if the dynamic you want is just a hairpin. Just get the caret in the right place and type < or >, then Space to extend by the grid. Note that no hairpin will appear until you’ve hit Space once.

Brilliant! Thanks guys I knew there was another more elegant way I didnt know about!

A year on from this post and a lot more clicking into the caret to try and get a hairpin on the end of tied notes - am I the only person who finds this behaviour more work than it should?

use case:
hairpin decrescendo on the end of long tied notes. A very common marking. The issue - you can only select the start of a tied note and put the hairpin that will extend the full length of the note - which has to be then manually moved to the intended position.
As marked here there’s a way to do it with the caret but it involved several clicks to achieve the same thing.
I’m not sure why we can’t plant hairpin crescendos and decrescendos more easily in the middle of tied notes.
Should this be a feature request or an optional behaviour?

It is actually really simple to do this. Using your keyboard, activate the caret with ENTER/RETURN and go to the spot where you want the hairpin to start. Press Shift-D to activate the dynamics popover, hit > and ENTER/RETURN again. The hairpin will not appear, but then go to where you want it to end and hit the question mark key “?”. It will suddenly appear between where you added “>” and where you pressed question mark.

Double click the staff not the note. You can invoke the caret anywhere in a tied note (or anywhere else).

You can also invoke it on an entirely different stave or bar, then use the arrow keys to take it where you want it.

And you can use Cmd-right arrow to move the caret by a whole bar.