hairpins start position

Is there a way to set the start of the hairpin in relation the the note? I know I can do it manually, using the note grid, but hoped Dorico could do this for me.
The way it is now looks very unnatural to me. It’s left aligned, and looks like the dynamic change starts even before the note itself is being played. I would like to have the starting point a little after the note:
Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 09.23.40.png

I do not find any global option to do as you wish. You could nevertheless select all, filter to gradual dynamics, and nudge them to the right in Engrave mode with alt-right arrow…

Thanks. I tried that, but the score is constantly jumping to as it seems a random page in the score when I do that. Not possible to keep track on what is happening. Looks like I will have to do it one by one.

Well, Andre, I actually tried it on one of my scores, and find different problems with my solution :

  1. Not all hairpins are selected (I wonder why) — some of them deselect themselves when going to Engrave mode. And not all the time, last time I tried it worked. Strange.
  2. If I nudge them to the right as is, it nudges also the end of the hairpins, so it can get messy and overlaps with subsequent dynamics. This can be made right thanks to the Properties panel : unable the End offset button, and now the start of hairpins are rightly nudged to the right.

I really do not understand what you describe as random jumping. Maybe you could upload a file showing this behavior ?

I adjusted all the starting hairpins manually, giving them a start offset of 2 in the properties in Engraving mode:

It would be great to have this setting available in Engraving Options.

Hi, All,

Firstly, I’m enjoying using Dorico (current version: –- thank you, Dorico team and Steinberg, it’s a great help.

I stumbled upon this post, No. 1082, while searching to find out whether offsetting the hairpin start position could be set up as an engraving option, as I couldn’t find it, and/or how to request it as a suggestion, so I believed the best way was to reply to this post.

Dorico already does a fantastic job to render beautiful-looking scores and instrumental parts with minimal to no manual intervention required, and the following would be useful to include in its engraving options for house styles:

I agree, a project-wide option to move the start of hairpins to the middle of notes would be helpful as it appears natural-looking to offset the start position in this way.


I’m currently on and it still appears there is no global setting to adjust the hairpin start relative to the note. I would love to have the option to adjust this!

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum, jrbanta. Thanks for your feedback: you are not the only one who would like this feature, and it’s on our backlog for future implementation.

Thanks Daniel! I figured out it’s possible to do this with a script although it’s a little bit of a hassle to get it to only affect hairpins that don’t have a leading dynamic. Not quite sure how to do this except to manually sort them out.

Look forward to this feature getting rolled out!