Håkons first video from his new album :)

Hi there people :slight_smile:
Check out Håkons brand new video on youtube:
It’s a simple production but it works IMO

In English the name of the song would be “pair of hearts” and it is about a man gambling his whole life away.

I played, mixed and premastered everything on his cd.
Check out http://www.hakonsandmark.no/ for more music etc

All the best, Kim :slight_smile:

To the mods: don’t delete this, I have cleared everything with Håkon Sandmark before posting this link.



Serves him right his woman and kids left him :smiley:

Good stuff Kim :sunglasses:

Well done, Kim and Hakon, good pop/rock song very well produced!

I don’t know if it’s my new monitors, but I miss hearing some bottom end, is it just me?

'enjoyed that,


Probably the filtering at Youtube that, Mauri .

Cool! Those twin girls are adorable

They are not twins but two years between them. Håkon (the singer here) is the father :slight_smile:


superb.!!!pity I aint got a clue what your singing about…Kevin