Halcion One is not shown in Cubase LE4

I have just started using Cubase LE4 and according to the manual I have Halcion One as a preset installed. It appears as installed in Program Files but is not seen in context when wanting to add an Instrument track in the Instrument track configuration. Has anyone got any ideas please?

I am running on a Acer Aspire 5542 laptop on Windows 7 64 bit with AMD Turion II dual core 2.2GHz Processsor and 4 GB RAM.


Check the Plug-In Information display and see if it shows up there. It might help narrow down the problem.

Hi Jaslan

Thanks for the reply, it doen’t appear in the plug in information.

I don’t know much about LE versions…

If the plug-in manager has a “paths to VST plug-ins” button, try setting the path to the folder with the .dll file in it.
Then restart Cubase.
Did you let it install in the Steinberg folder or did you change it?
Are they both 32 or 64 bit?
Just trying to find a reason why Cubase would not see the .dll file.

HI Jaslan

I have sorted this problem. I uninstalled Cubase LE4 and reinstalled and pointed the HalionOne HSB folder installation to the VST3 presets folder instead of the VST Plug-ins>Synth. I can now see it in the Instrument track config and launch the Instrument panel, It appears also in the Plug-in Information manager. Haven’t tried it to see if it works yet.

I think the problem may arise again when the 4.3.1 update is installed, but now I know what the problem is I know how to solve it post update.

Many thanks for taking time to care about my Halion problem.