Halcion Symphonic Orchestra purchase download or box?

Hello everyone! I am new to cubase (7) coming from protools. But still feel like a “newbie” :open_mouth: . Want to buy the Halcion Symphonic Orchestra to put to cubase. Is it better to download it or buy the “box”? What happens if my computer (PC-windows 8) crashes or if I buy another one: must I purchase the Halcion plug in again? Do I need a physical activation Key?

Also would like to have a good piano but the “grand” offered by Steinberg, though it looks good, is much too much. I just would like 1 good piano plug in, maybe 2 for variety (steinway or ?) but not the full package that is just too much. Would like to simplify as much as possible all this complexity! :laughing: Also any suggestions for a harp which is not included in HSO?

Thanks for your suggestions, zed. :smiley:


This may be late, but it hurts seeing a such simple question left without an answer. It doesn’t make any difference to buy box or download, because what you’re really paying is the license to use the product: once you buy the VST you will be given an activation code which you can add to your steinberg profile: if the PC breaks you can ask for a key change and reactivate the VST on your new PC. Be careful because you may need a USB-stick containing the license to activate and use some products (this is the case with Cubase, I guess you already know) and if the USB stick breaks you’ll have to purchase another one.

For the piano, I fear there is no way to buy a “half-version” of the VST. Look for used version which can come cheaper or effect the basic pianos with reverb and EQ to achieve a good-enough result.

For the harp, I would suggest downloading a free Orchestra plugin, like Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra, which with a sfz player can give you some basic instruments (obviously not at the same detail as SSO).
If you want more, the basic version of East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra should give a good harp with 99$, but there are issues with their own USB licenser, see what you can find.

Good luck!