half barlines

Hello, is there any way to show half barlines in Dorico? (see picture)

Welcome to the forum, Christian. There are two different kinds of barlines supported by Dorico, neither of which is exactly like this: try the tick barline, or the short barline. The short barline is the closest one to your picture, in that it’s the right length, but it’s positioned in the middle two spaces rather than being in the top two spaces.

Hi Daniel,
personally I prefer the half barline, which is centered to the bar, but the “Evangelisches Gesangbuch”, the hymnal of the protestant Church in Germany and Austria, uses this kind of notation. This means, that more than 25 million people are used to this notation — or at least those of them who go to church on sundays … :slight_smile:
Therefore I would suggest an option for the half barline to be positioned in the top two spaces.