Half/Double tempo

I have this song that’s so far just a part, but more to follow, four bars long.
It starts out like bom-pah-bom-pah-bom-pah-bom-pah … at 260BMP for three bars.
Then it halves to boooom-paaaaaah-booooom-paaaaah … ifyouknowaddamean :mrgreen:
So do I use the Tempo Track to have the metronome play the correct number of clicks?
Or do I just forget about it and let the metronome play whatever it wants.
I can guess that this song will probably be kinda schizo with more funny tempo changes.

This is probably more a music theory question than a technical one.
It’s also a hypothetical one since I’ve already done lots of half/double time songs without giving it a second thought.
So far I’ve just skipped the whole process and just ran on, in this case, 130BPM.
I know it works and that there are lots of ways to do it.


is there some “correct” way, for either technical reasons in Cubase or theoretical reasons in a score?
Can I paint myself into a corner in some situation by not doing this “correctly”?

I guess this is just a food-for-thought academical question and not very pragmatically relevant.
Anyway, anybody who has run into this?

You could just change the time signature. That is what I have done in the past. I’ll have to pull the file if you want details. Was done on a math metal click track a few weeks ago.

Sounds like punk. Just play everything twice as fast. :laughing:


Everybody write different songs, even I don’t write the same song over and over, and the only thing that matters about the tempo track is if it helps you to do what you want in any given song?

so punk it is then, and the “I don’t care and I do what I want” ethics prevail :smiley: