Half note rendering error?

I notice the stroke on a half note is not completely filled in when “Larger noteheads” is enabled in the Engraving Options. Is it a bug, or just a font error in my setup? I’m running Dorico on Windows 10.

Not only is there that little tear, but the entire notehead is misshapen. Do quarter and whole noteheads look OK?

Do multiple files exhibit this, or is only one file affected? If you start a new file, do you get the same results? Could you attach a short Dorico file showing the problem?

There’s no problem with the oversized half notehead in Bravura – that’s a very peculiar problem. I guess it must be a rendering issue of some kind. If you make the staff size very large and print it out, do you see the artefact on the print-out?

Sadly yes. It appears both the normal and oversized glyphs are superimposed in the same place.

However, a new file in Dorico Pro 2 does not exhibit this behaviour - perhaps I can fix my original file (which originated from a MusicXML import).

This is the note input of a new file:

This is the note input of the problematic file:

Half note and Whole not behavior is weird! I tried to enter a whole note, it up 8ths, rests and half. I was in the correct place with carrot.
I hade to delete entire measures then it works. If it happens and weird stuff shows up then just delete that measure it seems to fix it.

JesterMusician, perhaps you could send me your project and let me know where in the file the problematic behaviour occurs? You can email me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. Please include a link to this thread and some details of the problem – I get a lot of email and won’t know what to do with your score if it arrives without any description of what I’m supposed to do with it.

I found something relating to this this morning.

I created a file from scratch in Dorico Pro 2. I have a few half notes towards the end of the first flow. The note heads this morning looked a little odd. As I zoomed in, it appears the note head is a little less symmetrical than normal.

The bottom right side appears to be a little thicker to me than normal, on the one above. Here is another file opened up today to confirm there is a symmetrical issue.

Ahhhh, so maybe if I flip the stem, it will look more symmetrical? Nope, and that weird drawing that occurs with the white line from the OP’s post appears.

If you look at the bottom left side, you will see the white space.

The only thing I have done, was switch to the Petaluma font, and then back to Bravura. When I ran Font Book yesterday it told me there was a duplication of Bravura and I had Font Book resolve automatically. But it still seems odd, as the file I opened to confirm the error would have used the same font. I am not sure what is going on, but this does look odd to me, and is noticeable on the printed page that the bottom right hand side of the half note head is thicker than the top left side.


Daniel, I sent the file for you to look at, and referenced this thread.


I experienced same thing just now. Like Robby, I switched to Petaluma and back. Before then, I hadn’t noticed anything odd.

FWIW, I can import my affected flows to a new project and get rid of the rendering error. I won’t change to Petaluma again, unless I really mean it!

Just for the record: I saw the same half note rendering issue yesterday after I had switched to one of my own music fonts and back to Bravura. I didn’t save and after reopening the project all is fine.