Half Speed Tape Effect - Revisited

Is there a way to get a convincing vari-speed tape vocal effect in Cubase. Think prince where he raised or lowered the voice by recording the track at a faster or slower speed.

Before you answer use vari audio or pitch shift, That always sounds like it comes with artifacts so I really DONT want to do it that way.

I am thinking something that might take advantage of the elastique algorithm but I don’t know how I would do it or where to start as I just want a pitch transposition and all the tutorials I have seen show tempo changes.

Please note: I originally asked this 4 years ago and got a good, albeit somewhat clunky solution from Alexis: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=143696 I’m wondering if now that we are multi versions ahead maybe there is a better solution.

That would be the way I would do it, simple enough.
Just use the elastique Tape algo, and speed up or down.

Oh I forgot the simplest way is actually:
Sample rate. If projects is at 44.1 then record the voice at 88.2 and playback at 44.1
Or upsample the project to 88.2 and record voice at 44.1
No algo’s involved really clean, but limited to your sample rates, 44.1k 48k 88.2k 96k 192k
Best of luck.