Half-time and Double time feature for Meadiabay

Half-time and Double time feature for Meadiabay when browsing loops. Thanks!


There is a workaround but its clumsy and slow -

Make sure the correct tempo and bar / beat lengths are entered into the respective fields in Mediabay.
Halve or double either entry manually to get the loop to playback how you want it to.

This is clumsy for the following reasons -

Once you’ve entered a new tempo / length value, you have to click on another loop and back again, or stop / start the loops playback within Mediabays player to get it to play back correctly.

Cubase often figures out the tempo / length of pre - edited loops correctly, but doesn’t offer up that info for you to bake into the file.

The math can be a pain on a file that isn’t just full bars.

You have to correct your temporary alteration for the file to play back correctly in the future.

All of these are rubbish and show that no ones really been interested in improving Mediabays usability after introducing it.