HALion 1,2,3 > HALion 5 update

Hi everyone,

Customers of HALion 1, 2 or 3 are also eligible for an update to HALion 5. Please get in touch with our support team via your MySteinberg account by using the official support form and you will then be provided with the details on how to purchase the update.

The update price from HALion 1, 2 or 3 is EUR 149 / USD 149.

HI What is the upgrade price for H 4. X to H 5 ??
thanks sm

$99 from HALion 4 to 5. $149 from HALion 1, 2, 3 to HALion 5.

thanks , can i upgrade n pay direct to SB ??? n in case of missing data , can i down load the update files of H4 .X n load the update files as i read some / few issues here .
appreciate it … u r master sir thanks …

You will have to get in touch with Steinberg about this. I know they will deal with the sale of the license behind the scenes, as the store front itself does not allow a direct purchase upgrade from HALion 1-3, to 5, so it must be done manually in the background. At that point, you will be given the appropriate download link which will have everything you need. Obviously, coming from any HALion version prior to 4, will mean you will need to download all content that comes with 4/5, so I am sure you will be given a corresponding link to obtain such an upgrade.

This is currently not available in Canada for some reason.

Just to update this, I was able to order the update now.


Thanks , i will be going in 4 the upgrade if its direct with SB . sm

I currently have H3 and HalionSonic.

If I upgrade from H3 to H5 does that make HalionSonic redundant? - In other words, does H5 contain all the features and sounds of HalionSonic and HalionSonic-2 ?

well so far i have been told in this forum , it does … enjoy … sm

This is correct, Halion 5 is the flagship product. It contains every single aspect of HALion Sonic and HALion Sonic 2, plus much, much more. If you want the full blown thing, HALion 5 is the way to go.

Why is the H3-H5 upgrade not available in the Steinberg store? - Surely they can just add it - they must have the keys to the shop.

I also do not understand why this has to be on the secret list - why don’t they just tell us here, in this thread, what to do? (I’ve emailed Steinberg support, after much detective work on the Steinberg site, but have had no reply so far).

Originally, the upgrade was only to be from HALion 4 to HALion 5. HALion 1-3 already had a special promotion when HALion 4 came out. I am assuming they felt those that were going to switch over, would have done so already, two years ago. The newer versions are only replacing the previous versions now, not versions from 10 years ago. The very first post of this thread is by a Steinberg employee, stating exactly what to do, to upgrade to HALion 5 from HALion 1-3. I don’t feel it is being kept a secret at all and it is a good thing, they are again opening the once closed doors, to those with legacy versions of HALion to upgrade to the latest and greatest.

Hi Cantankerous,

Actually, the first post in this thread just tells us to contact Steinberg support so that they can tell us what to do. I did that, but have had no reply.

I did not upgrade to H4 because it took so long to arrive that I went for Kontakt instead. My main interest in H5 at the moment is Haliotron and Model-C (which I hope will be good enough to replace the last 32-bit plugin I use - NI’s B4-II, although I doubt it).

I am sorry you have not heard back. There are others who have, so I am unsure what the difference is. I don’t use the two modules in HALion 5 that you inquired about to let you know they are, so again I am useless to help you further. I have not read anything bad about them, but if you are directly comparing them to another plugin, you clearly have requirements that need to be met to be a worthwhile investment. Have you tried contacting Matthias personally via a PM to see what can be done?

In this regard, I can clearly see how this would be frustrating and if this offer was available on a store level, you would have already bought it without this hassle. I know Steinberg will gladly take your money and they are offering a solid product, so I hope something can get worked out for both of your sakes.

Best of luck.

Hi fenderchris, reading this thread again, I saw a post where you said you had HALion Sonic. Is there not a direct upgrade path to HALion 5 from HALion Sonic for the same $99? I believe there was an upgrade to HALion 4 from HALion Sonic, for $99, so this may be an option?

Over the past days I’ve sent two support requests about upgrading Halion 3 to Halion 5 as advised on the Steinberg website. So far I’m still waiting.

What’s the lead time on a response to these requests please?


No - One can go from HS to HS2, then HS2 to H5(including HS2)


H3 direct to H5 (including HS2). I took this route. It took about a week to get a reply and then Asknet sent me a full boxed H5 - this seems to be the only way they provide the H3-H5 update - no download.

Got H5 up-and-running - looks good. but very complicated as far as I’m concerned - have not tried to import my own samples yet but that’s next on the list to use up another day of my life.

I am glad to hear you got it sorted!

HALion may appear complicated at first glance, but believe me, once you get to grips with it, it is quite easy and intuitive. It is so easy to customize the views, that you don’t have to use portions of the program if you don’t want to and can only have visible what you do want to focus on. It is all very streamlined and you will be whipping around in no time. I am the worst when it comes to adapting to things that look overly daunting at first glance, but even I can handle HALion 5 with ease and I am all the better for it. It is the best piece of software I have had in many, many years, next to Cubase 7. If you have any questions, or need some assistance, I would be more than willing to help out. I may not be super pro or anything, but if I can help I will.

Best of luck and have fun with HALion 5!

H5 looks beautiful especially in standalone.

I went from the included SE version to H5, by using the license upgrade option with my C6 box.
$99 for full version Sonic, which includes free upgrade to Sonic 2. I could have stopped right there and had 2 for $99.

Its a little confusing and hidden imo, but taking the right path can save you a little money (and time, if you install the demo from disc, you can upgrade all the way with downloads).

Can anyone please provide some info on how to actually get the update from Halion 1 to Halion 5? It says in the press release to contact Steinberg via the support form in MySteinberg, but there IS NO support form there. And, of course, no email address to contact Steinberg. Why on Earth do they say that this Upgrade can be purchased by contacting them when there is absolutely no way to contact them?

I could, of course, just use a free, downloaded, cracked version. But preferring to be honest I thought I would give Steinberg the chance to make some Money on their own Product…