Halion 1


Can anyone tell me where their Halion One is installed (path wise).

Reason I ask is this

Recently had to re install cubase (64 + 32bit) and since this time I have had 32 bit version find halion and the presets, but the 64 bit version cannot. By the way my Halion one dll is in program files x86/steinberg/vst instruments - surely this is where its supposed to be?

I have set the path, so the 64 bit version can now find the Halion One Plugin, but NO PRESETS?

I’m thinking if I just move what’s installed to where Cubase expects it to be I’ll be ok.

Can anyone help? Would I be able to try to re install JUST the 64 bit Halion one off the original CDS?.

I dont really want to do a fresh re install its too disruptive for me right now, want to try another way if its likely to work

Can anyone help

I had the same problem and this worked for me:


  1. Insert your Cubase disc. Explore the disc and go to Cubase for Windows, Additional Content, Soundframe, HalionOne Soundbanks. Copy the HalionOne Soundbanks folder from your disc to your hard drive, i.e. C:/Program Files/Common Files/Steinberg folder.

  2. Open Cubase, load HalionOne. Right click on HalionOne and choose “Locate Content.” Select the HalionOne Soundbanks folder that you copied to your hard drive. Now you should be able to load sounds into HalionOne.

Thank you.

Thanks qbury


I cannot right click and get an option to ‘locate content’ as you describe?

All the necessary content is installled, as Cubase 32bit finds it and uses it corectly.

I suspect I may have to try email for support on this to get resolved

I don’t have any presets in Halion1 either after reinstalling Cubase 5.5.1…

Hey Rick

I had to re install Halion, but here’s what I did (cos now my 64 bit and 32 bit versions work with presets)

I’m No expert on the subject, but this is what I did

Uninstall every Halion related program from the Add/Remove in Windows

Explore your original install disks - In the Additional content, there’s the Halion folder

Install each bit again (yes the ‘Halion Installer’ doesn’t install everything).

You’ll see theres a ‘Halion 64 bit’. Install this.

There’s A Halion update - I personally didnt install this as it was dated 2008? - Have emailed SB to ask if I should run this, I’ll let them guide me, I’ve got it working so I’m happy for now