Halion 2 Can I read information about the samples without loading the plug-in?

Is there a way to read the content (in my case just a vocal sample) of a Halion 2 instance, without loading the actual plug-in?
I know this might be difficult, but is there a way to read information in the original Cubase 5 .cpr file and find out which sample I used? My old Cubase 5 crashes when I try to load the project (so does C11) so I can´t load Halion 2 in this particular project.
All I need is the vocal sample I used which should be somewhere on my drives. All the FX settings and Midi are working, so I only need the name of the sample.
Haha, this sounds undoable, but please help me out anyway!

Thanks a lot guys!


Why don’t you create a new project and import the track from the project that crashes? I had to do this when I had a project that wouldn’t load. I imported the tracks from the bad project.

Hey Mark,

Thanks a lot for the great suggestion. Unfortunately I made this project with Cubase 5 and it doesn´t seem to import the plug-ins from the track, only the MIDI. Is the import track function not compatible with old Cubase files?

I’m guessing not. I think the feature appeared in Cubase 10. I know mine was a recent track and that imported the vsti as well.

Ah, that´s too bad. But like I said, I only need to know which sample I´ve used. But the only way
to find out is for Halion to work…

If you know that the sample had a .wav or .aif extension, you could try running “strings” on the project file and search for “.wav” (or .aif or whatever extension)
If you are on windows, you need to download the strings.exe from Microsoft, then open a cmd or powershell window and do

 path\to\strings64.exe project.cpr | findstr .wav

On Mac you can do this in a bash terminal (I suppose Mac has a strings command installed, dunno, don’t have one):

strings project.cpr | grep \.wav

No idea whether that works with Halion, and if you have a lot of other samples/audio files in the project, you get a big result list that you must sieve through.
But a quick test shows that it works with C12 and a sampler track:

 C:\[...]\strings64.exe   .\test.cpr| findstr .wav
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My God, Jan, it works! Fantastic!
Thanks so much man, you´re the best!!!


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