Halion 3.1 and 3.5

switched to cubase 7.5 from 5…installed Halion 3.5. To my extreme disappointment i discovered that in the previouse sessions, in which Halion 3.10.0 was used, the samples are not loading! the sampler itself is opening, the same as other used vst instruments(trilogy, atmospher etc///) but the section for loaded programs is empty, as if it is a new session! so is it is really that Steinberg has not provided the succession of different versions? is there any chance that if i buy Halion 5, the problem will be solved?
thank you
p.s. using Cubase 32 bit version. in 64 bit version Halion 3.5 is loading but can not even load samples in new projects: vst bridge connection is lost.