HALion 3 Content can not be imported into HALion 6

After the new installation of my music computer, current Windows 10 64bit, I can not import the old HALion 3 content under HALion 6.

HALion 6 displays the message that this content (hsb) is not supported.

I just thought it was the new licensing system of the HALion 6, so I got an additional HALion 5 license from Steinberg, unfortunately it does not work.

Then I have still HALion 3.5 64bit from the FTP server concerned and installed. In HALion 3.5, the content can not be loaded, however, when I search for content, the load window opens, when I then HALion 3 Sound Set 1.hsb to HALion 3 Sound Set 5.hsb to makie and then go to open does nothing , No error message, not at all.

Has anyone randomly had the same problem and solved?

Thanks in advance.

Can you provide a sreenshot of your eLicenser Control Center?
It should look like this :

best regards
Gerrit Junge