Halion 3 drum programme in halon 5 outputs

HI can anyone point me to a tutorial? I have just loaded my drum patch from halon 3 into halon 5 but mystified how I get each drum sample to a separate output. I do know how to activated individual outputs


Tutorials for Halion are quite rare.
You could create layers for individual drum sounds ( kick, snare…).
Layers can be routed to separate outputs once you add layer bus.

Your right not many tutorials around however many thanks I’ll have a look into it what you mentioned. Heavy learning curve for me-Halion 3 was a lot simpler lol

Ive found a way! edit>zone>amplifier>aux and there is an output assign. Only snag is the sample still appears to be in the master output but thats ok for me as I just use the assign outputs