HALion 3 Factory Sound Set 5 still needs USB-eLicenser

I have a HALion 7 license with Steinberg licensing which was upgraded from a HALion 6 license on a USB-eLicenser. I had been able to use legacy HALion 3 content but when I remove the USB-eLicenser, it complains that no license is found for a specific file, “HALion 3 Factory Sound Set 5.hsb” which is available here:

This causes the programs to be displayed in HALion 7 as follows:
I can remove the file but then I get the warning:
The content of HALion 3 consists of five files, namely:

HALion 3 Sound Set 1.hsb
HALion 3 Sound Set 2.hsb
HALion 3 Sound Set 3.hsb
HALion 3 Sound Set 4.hsb
HALion 3 Sound Set 5.hsb

The last one (5) was added after the initial release and “features 128 new programs with electronic instruments and drumsounds”.

I suspect that what has happened here is that the Steinberg Licensing team have not included that last file in the licensing for HALion 7.

How to reproduce:

  1. Install HALion 7 and activate with Steinberg Activation Manager
  2. Download and register the five files that comprise HALion 3 Content
  3. Start HALion 7 with no USB-eLicense and register the file *.hsb files
  4. Note the “Missing libraries” warning
  5. Note that that none of the relevant presets can be loaded (SAM pops up, “No License Found”):
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I’ve solved (rather, worked around) this myself.

With the USB-eLicenser attached, I loaded each of the 127 programs provided with “HALion 3 Sound Set 5” and saved them as VST presets. I could then delete the file “HALion 3 Sound Set 5.hsb”.

To save others the trouble, I’m attaching a zip file that contains these 127 VST presets. You can download it, unzip it and place the files in your “VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\HALion …” folder and then you no longer need the HSB file.
HALion_3-5_Sound_Set_5_presets_for_HALion-7.zip (1.8 MB)

[EDIT] This is only a partial solution … see post below.

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Actually it’s a surprise that this works for you. Nearly all drum related presets like “Ambient Kit”, “Bass Drum Menu”, “Brasil Elektro Kit”, “Cannon Ball”, “Clap Factory”, …
refer to samples that are located within the “HALion 3 Sound Set 5.hsb” container. So if you remove the hsb file the samples should be gone too.

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This also only partially works for me. As @Gerrit_Junge mentioned, the presets are displayed correctly, they can be inserted into a slot, but no samples are available for some presets. However, many others still remain available. It can be said that “HALion 3 Sound Set 5” is partially complete. Of the 127 presets available in this set, these, which are mainly Drums&Perc Presets, will not be available for the reasons mentioned by @Gerrit_Junge:

Aggressive Machine
Ambient Kit
Bass Drum Menu
Brasil Electro Kit
Cannon Ball
Clap Factory
CR78 Vintage
Drum Factory
Electro Kit 1
Electro Kit 2
Experimental Kit
Hardstyle Kit
Hi Hat Factory
Linn Drum
New Beat Kit
Percussion Set
Rhythm Composer 1
Rhythm Composer 2
SDS 5 Vintage
Snare Factory
Synthetic Drops (Sound FX)
Synthetic Kit
Techno Kit

They can be heard partially for one or two seconds, while HALion detects that the license is not available for them. Activation Manager may also appear to report this.

23 presets out of 127 will not work. All is not lost. Remove these from the bank and this will avoid the possible Activation Manager display.

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I’d only actually checked that the first few patches could actually be played without the USB-eLicenser :man_facepalming:

There also seems to be a short time before HALion “notices” that the USB-eLicenser has been removed.

Indeed, I can confirm this now too … so not quite back to square one! But hopefully @Gerrit_Junge can confirm this from the Steinberg side?

It would be greatly appreciated if this older content could get moved to the new system as it is frustrating to find them not working.

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Unfortunately this will not be possible. This library was owned by Wizoo, if the information I have is correct. Company that was purchased by AVID several years ago.

Wizoo nowadays is AIR, who is currently owned (and being dragged into the dirt) by InMusic…

Why would it matter who owns it? No change in the way the product was licensed to Steinberg for sale as part of Halion. I highly doubt there would be limiting text which prevented it from being used in successive updates of same products.
Now repackaging it for new sales that would for sure require a new agreement.
This is just updating.

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