Halion 3 imported sound not in Halion 5 Media Bay

I have imported Halion 3 Sound, they are shown in Cubase Mediabay, but not shown in Halion 5 Media bay. What’s wrong.
look at attached screenshoot…

I see you have the Drum & Perc filter enabled, if you take this off and have no filters enabled, do they show up then?

Drum Filter is enabled in Cubase media bay and Halion Media, so it should be no difference.
But if disabled there is no difference -> no results shown in Halion Media Bay.

I asked because, if you did not yet tag the samples from within HALion to the attributes you are after, then they still won’t show. You did not state if you tagged the samples from within HALion 5 already. I see you have the content filter to show user and factory content, which should work. But try and move this over one to the left so it lists user content only.

Lastly, do you still have the HALion 3 FXP file handy by any chance? If so, try and drag and drop this from Windows explorer, or wherever you can drag and drop from, directly into the mediabay of HALion 5 and see what happens. I am curious if this will convert and then list.

I am sorry you are having issues and I cannot help you further at the moment. I have never experienced an issue with this personally and usually presets not listing have been an error on my part from the filtering.

Best of luck on sorting this out. If I can think of anything else, I will surely let you know!

Big thx for your tips!

Now I’ve starteted H5 again the the filter for Halion 3 Content (inside H5) was removed. So I’ve tried to reimport them and the filter for H3 Content appeared again and H3 Content is shown in H5 MediaBay.
But if I change the filter and switch back the filter to H3 Conent nothing is shown again (Just a filter Change, no restart and the same instace of H5).

And all the program still exists in C5 Media Bay, but this time I have duplicate entries in C5 Media Bay because of the reimport of still existing programs. very strange…

i had an issue where the “indexfile” was corrupted and imported patches wasnt shown. it was solved by the steinberg-standard-fix- remove all cubase user data and let cubase reconstruct it