Halion 3 in Cubase 6 causing freezes


Not sure, whether this belongs in the Halion forum, but it rather is Cubase related to me…

The issue I have is on loading older tracks that use Halion 3 as VST. I do have Halion 4 installed, but there seems no way to replace/load Halion 3 track lines with Halion 4 automatically. When I re-connect Halion 3, however, Cubase freezes either when loading such a track or when opening the Halion 3 settings for a track line. I wonder if anyone knows a way to simply read the old Halion 3 settings from a Cubase CBR file, so I can re-set the track with Halion 4 looking up the old Halion 3 sample on my drives.
I am hesitant to re-install Cubase 5, as that would mean to handle quite a bunch of updates from SX up, I think. And also the Cubase 5 key is no longer listed on my eLicenser. Hence, a way to find out about the old instrument settings would be the best, as far as I can see.

Thanks for any help or hint,

The license shouldn’t be a problem, since your Cubase 6 license allows use of all previous versions. Don’t know about the upgrades though - you should have a 5.0 full installer I guess even if you came from SX…

Ok, I did not find the C5 CDs (only an empty box) but had a C5 trial version archived, which did the trick.
Thanks for your help.