Halion 3 Mac - What folder presets live?

I have created a few sample libraries / halion 3 patches of various world percussion that I would like to pass around for free.
In the old days it was quite easy - just include the fxp file in the same folder as the samples.
Maybe it’s just me, but now it’s a long and complicated story.
Sure you can still import the fxp file and then save it as a preset, but what if I want to share the samples and the preset out to other users?
As this will be a free zip download on my website, I will need to have precise instructions both for windows and mac users.
If any one can help me out with this, I would be happy to pass on a link to the samples.
So far I have assembled:
Brazilian Percussion, Darbuka and African.
All the samples were recorded by myself in my own studio, so I haven’t pirated them from anywhere :slight_smile:
I already have samples and loops up with the old fxp file (just import) if anyone wants to go and grab them:

Strange - I received an auto email reply saying that someone called Brian Roland has replied to my topic, must be going blind cos I don’t see it! :exclamation: :question:

Yes, sorry, I deleted it. After I made the post I blinked and realized you were asking about Halion 3, and my reply was about exporting vstsound files with Halion 5. Sorry, I don’t know a thing about exporting with Halion 3. I do bone headed things sometimes…how on earth did I confuse a 3 with a 5?


Hi-I know this is an old thread, but how are you getting Halion 3 to work on 10.8?? I just upgraded to 10.85, and using Cubase 6, Halion 3 has vanished. There also doesn’t seem to be any upgrade path from Steinberg.

Thanks for any help…please email me at ljnmusic@gmail.com if you have any solution.

Hi L.J.
I’m actually on 10.9.5 and it is there and all working fine.
My path to get where I am was to migrate from my aging Mac Pro running 10.7.5 over to my Mac Mini, using target mode.
So I don’t know if that had anything to do with it.
I do also remember having an issue with Cubase connecting with REASON app and I had to change it to 32bit, so maybe that?
Did you try re-installing Halion?
Sorry not much help… :confused:

Hmm…so there must be a way. Does anyone from Steinberg read over here?