Halion 3 Player


I have successfully downloaded Pandrum CI_Pandsrum.vstsound but I am unable to access the library and get an error message. I have attached the error message for clarity of the problem.

If support and assistance can be provided,this would be much appreciated.


Sincere Regards


Hi @Heinrich_Mueller

Did you activate the license?


Yes I do have the license.Please find attached additional data related.


Pandrum log attached
Pandrum log.pdf (152.8 KB)

You do have a license for Halion Sonic SE. That’s fine. But as far as I know Pandrum is a paid library. You also need license for that.

Yes this is also paid for,I have the transaction IP as well as the download code and still this error occurs

Did you enter the download access code in Steinberg download assistant?

It should generate an activation code which is then used for license activation. Once this is done you should see another license in your elicenser.

Alternatively you can also redeem the download access code in your MySteinberg account.

Yes the code was entered in the download assistant.

Yes the code is present on the elicenser.I will send the screenshot once more for clarity.Also presented is the Steinberg library GUI screenshot.

Finally the Steinberg activates fine and scans for CI_Pandrum.vstsound and then this when this message appears.But I cannot access the Pandrum sound library.

This screenshot shows you have installed the Pandrum library. But it has nothing to do with the license.

In the eLicenser (second screenshot you have posted) you need 2 licences. One for Halion Sonic SE and one for Pandrum.

Can you login in to your MySteinberg and check if the Pandrum license is showing there? Maybe try to enter your download access code there.

Yes I can try to log in and access it in this manner

Ok. That’s good. And what does it say, is it already activated? If yes, then it should also appear in your eLicenser next to the Halion Sonic SE license.

Actually no it does not appear,only the Halion player is registered/activated but no sign of Pandrum.

License granted now Im tryin to launch the applications GUI,which seems to be somewhat tricky.

Are you trying to access the macro page in Halion Sonic SE? Just select the edit tab.

No the user interface of Pandrum

And I cannot hear sounds either,no audio.

Yes, that’s what I meant by macro page.

If you are using Halion Sonic SE standalone you probably need to setup the asio driver and audio outputs.

Success! Thank you sir for your support.