Halion 3 SE Preset Categories empty - presets are available


I caught a strange problem, perhaps a wrong click some where.

When I open Halion 3 SE, the area below “All Instrument Sets” is empty. However, the presets in the lower window are listed and useable.

The table header is colored “orange”, as if there is a filter active. Pressing the button “Reset filters”, which is just left of “All Instrument Sets” does affect the lower window. You see it being re-sorted.

INteresting is, that the button “Reset Filters” for the lower window does do the same thing.

Here are two screen shots with “As Is” and “Should Be”.

And here the other one.

Where did I make a wrong Click, and where can I correct this?



Hmmm, thought that I had posted my own answer. Here it is again.

I had run Cubase with “Run as Adminstrator”, after some folks here recommended to do so. Don’t know the reason any more.

De-activated this, and the content shows correct.

LG, Juergen