HALion 3 sounds (HSBs) not loading/ found

I get the message every time I open or edit HALion 6 that the HSB files for HALion 3 content are not found. When I locate them, HALion still insists that they are not found.

What is up with that? Anyone else?

Hi Haavard,
can you provide a screenshot of the exact error message that comes up when you trying to load HALion 3 HSB files?
And are you aware that HALion 6 is not longer able to load fxp/fxb or HSB files without an additional “Addon license”
For details please have a look here :

best regards

I get the attached message for all HALion 3 content, every time I open a HALion editor or standalone.

In the link, it only says that I need an addon licence to run HALion 5, not that I need it for loading the content. Content created by me or anyone else than Steinberg for/with HAL3 loads fine.

I mainly need to to load older projects, although some of the patches are actually nice.
Ta inn hele skjermen 09.03.2017 22.34.13.bmp.jpg

Hi Haavard,
I have to agree that the error message is not typical for a missing license. I would suggest the following :
Secure that you have the latest eLicenser Control (version installed :
Does it work now?

best regards
Gerrit Junge

The same here. The current Windows 10 64 bit, current eLicenser version and HALion 5 Addon license.

I have the latest Elicencer software. Cubase, HALion 6 and HALion symphony orchestra are listed there. Should there be a separate licence for HALion 3?