Halion 3-Vst Bridge Broken-Cubase 7 on MacBook

Hi, I"ve been recently opening projects and when I use Halion 3 with Cubase 7.0.7 on my MacBook Pro, Halion keeps telling me :

"VSTBridge connection lost. Please load previous version of this project to restore lost setting of bridged plug-ins. Disable incompatible plug-ins if possible. "

(I recently unchecked 32 bit on the “Get Info” panel for Cubase 7 because I was having issues with EastWest Symphonic Choirs Wordbuilder. It cleared up that problem. I’m not sure if this is affecting Halion 3? )

Anybody know a solution to this problem???

Many thanks Jeff

I have been using JBridge as the Cubase bridge is a bit rubbish and does not work with some plugins.


You have probably investigated this - but just in case.
It is simple to use if you set up a shared folder for the 64bit bridged dll files (or whatever they are on a Mac.)

Thx. I just tried the demo. It seems to work. So I bought the software. Thx for the reply! Jeff