Halion 4.5.4/Dark Planet 1.1 in Cubase 7 very long load time

I started with first instalation of Cubase 5 x64 on my PC x64. From upgraded Cubase version 6 (was still fast and OK) to 6.5 - than Cubase 7.0 - Cubase 7.0.1 now.

1/First launch Cubase 7.0.1 I have to wait for Steinbergs (!) plugins Halion 4.5.4 or Dark Side 1.1 one minute fifteen seconds (1:15) to load and start to work.
2/Uninstall and install again both plugins desn´t work - no change.

Do you know some reason for it? My solution is no use of these plugins now (ńot ideal).