HALion 4.5 new import browser - issue when dragging multiple

Hi guys,

as soon as I installed the Halion 4.5.2 upgrade, I’m not able to import and merge multiple group of samples into one anymore. This was something that I used to do A LOT with Halion 4.

Let’s say I have an AKAI or Roland S7xx CD that contains a drum kit folder, with multiple programs inside such as Kick, Snare, Hi-hats, and so on. With Halion 4, I could select all these programs and put them in my current Halion program simply dragging them and releasing after seeing the “red line” appearing in that window after the name of the program.

Now, with the new importer of Halion 4.5.2, all I get is the not-allowed mouse cursor everywhere. I must drag and drop every single program to build my complete drum kit. That is very disappointing for an upgrade.

I’m attaching a screenshot.

I don’t know if this is a bug or the way to do that is changed… but before writing to Steinberg Support, I would like you to test this simple procedure.