Halion 4.5 / VST 3.5 Advantages

hey forum.

just wanted to know…

if i created my own piano patch in Halion 4.5 would it be able to take advantage of the individual note bend etc and the other VST 3.5 fancy gimmicks.

read the manual but for me isn’t conclusive ( may need to read again !)

thanks for your time

You certainly could!


60 day trial here I come ! :smiley:

thanks !!

No problem and have fun. Halion 4 is the best investment I have made into my music in a long, long time. I hope you get as much out of it as I do, it really is brilliant.

Hi Cantankerous,

I totally agree with you. Since the HALion 4 was purchased, I do not need some of my 3rd party VST Plug-Ins anymore.



So i guess that makes this a +3 then :wink: :sunglasses: HALion 4 has rapidly replaced a few other plugs and made itself invaluable, it’s become a kind of ‘central hub’ for me. (and that’s even with missing out on all the note expression goodness due to not being a Cubase user)

Exactly. With the built in synth engine and all the modulating options, plus the note expression, makes this THE center of my studio. I can’t work without it. Now there is still a good few additions I hope to see in the future, but the way it is now is more than workable. I hope to see more from it in the near future however, it can only get better from here.