Halion 4 and Sonic Standalone/Instrument track issue...

Is it normal for only the 1st slot to be accessible when setting up Halion4/Sonic as an instrument track in Cubase 6?

When attempting to add and play a program in the second slot, only sounds from the program in the 1st slot ever plays. I’ve added a picture to better demonstrate my issue.

The picture shows the program “San Jose” in the second slot is selected, yet Halion 4 only ever plays what is in the 1st slot which happens to be “The 4th dimension”. I have this problem also in Halion Sonic. Plus this is the same issue I have when using either program in its standalone version.

I use the Yamaha USB-MIDI driver to play in MIDI signals if that helps.

Any answers welcome

Halion4 Issue.jpg

I’ve never used a multi-slot instruments as an Instrument Track, only ever as a VST Instrument and in that case the MIDI channels matter. What is the MIDI channel set to for the second slot? One can edit the MIDI channel on an event in a part, but I see (haven’t really looked either) no MIDI channel designator for an Instrument Track.

You may want to try editing the MIDI channel in a part for slot 2 and see if it even makes a sound?

Yep tried that, not a sound was made, I guess I will have to use H4 as an instrument rack always…

track instruments are fixed on midi channel 1 (trackinstrument = 1x stereo out & 1x midi) but you can have multiple midi channel (not as the same time) with a vstexpression map !

You can always use Instrument Tracks instead. Just because a synthesizer is “multi-timbral” doesn’t mean you have to use it as such, especially with software plug-ins. It also removes having to worry about MIDI channels. :slight_smile:

I don’t own HALion 4, but I am sure there must be a way to set the same MIDI channel for several instrument slots . Here’s how it’s done in HALion Sonic SE:
Do you have anything similar in HALion 4 MIDI tab?

I think the point was that when creating an instance (of any multi-timbral plug) in the VST Instruments “rack”, it functions like an external MIDI device, and MIDI channels apply. If you on the other hand creates an Instrument Track with the same plug-in, MIDI channels are not available (from a Track perspective), meaning it’s a Track/Plug-in marriage rather than an engagement, which enables further possibilities.